Elam the Elf



Name:           Elamishalliareandas Kallak
Race:             1\2 Kwa shea elf, 1\4 high Elf,
                     1\4 Drow Elf
Age:              127 summers
Height:          5'7"
Weight:          148 lbs
Occupation:      Warrior-4th tier, reconnaissance, covert operations
Homeland:      Wakatawa Kata-kur Plains,
                      North of Shou Empire, Eastern
Father:            Ellam Kallak' nuss
Mother:          Adreaseanea Thissdarean
Weapons:        Katana, no-dachi, broadsword,
                      dagger, flail, shuriken, spears

     Elam was born to a very strangely matched couple.  His father, a High Elven Magi for the Shou Empire, was banished for practicing the Dark Arts and taking a Kwa-Shea (Elam’s mother) for a mate.  His mother was a full blooded Kwa-Shea Elf (Nomadic Greugach) and ex-slave of the Shou Empire.

    When Elam’s parents left the Shou, they set north to Wakatawa, the plains of the Kwa-Shea and the Mogue-Ta (horse people). When they reached his mother’s people, she was very ripe with child.  Her people welcomed her back with open arms, but were wary of Elam’s father.  He by now had changed in appearance and had become “dark elf” (not drow), but he still had the look of the High Elves of the Shou, the Kwa-Shea’s enemies. But they welcomed him soon enough.  Within a month of his parents being back with the Kwa-Shea, Elam was born on one of the hottest days of the summer.  The Wu-Jen of the tribe usually bestows the given name minutes after the child is born, and Elam was given a name which is only known to his people, loosely translated to common as “understanding the ways of the elemental energies, or the way of things”. 

     So, Elam grew up with the Thissdarean, one of the many tribes within the Kwa-Shea that live upon the Wakatawa-kata-kur, and there he lived and learned the ways of the Kwa-Shea. He was also taught the ways of the Wu-Jen, for upon birth Elam was said to have Wu-Jen blood, but Elam’s father said it was the blood of his father’s father, and it is dark and cursed as is his father’s blood.  So he was forbidden against learning the
Wu-Jen way, but not for long.  Elam’s father became more absorbed by his dark magic as the years went on and he actually enforced his son’s Wu-Jen teaching, beginning to tutor Elam himself.  Many of the people of the tribe did not like this and they spoke out against it.  During one of the arguments, Elam’s father burst into a dark rage and with his magic, he engulfed six members of the tribe in fire, consuming them. After that, Elam’s father disappeared.  Elam was 50 summers by that time.  After that argument, Elam decided not to learn the ways of the Wu-Jen.

     By the time Elam was 75 summers, he decided to leave the Kwa-Shea to explore the world and to find his father.  He thought maybe his father had found his way back to the Shou. So, Elam went south to explore. When he got to the Shou Empire, he saw that he did not fit in.  Although he did look like the elves of the land, thanks to his father’s blood, he dressed like the Kwa-Shea.  He was also thankful that his father taught him the languages of the High Elves and the common spoken by the humans of the Shou. So, Elam wandered around looking for the city he knew by the name of “Shou Lung”, the Imperial City.

     Early on in his travels, Elam learned a skill that helped very much in his journeys; the art of acquiring things without paying for them. With this art he got into a little trouble, but always got away unscathed until he was finally captured and was sentenced to hard labor in the mines of the Imperial City.  Transported to the Imperial mines south of Shou Lung, he worked on an escape plan.  He was joyed to find that they were mining gold. and when he could, he swallowed the purest pieces he could find. He spent several months there, planning and hoarding, until he met another prisoner. He was an elf and a member of the thieves guild.  Most importantly, he had an escape plan which included outside help. With the success of this plan Elam was freed with his friend.
   So it was that Elam found Shou Lung, or it found him. He also found a new family which accepted him with open arms.  The whole of the Guild were made up of Elves.  There were also Kwa-Shea there.  Now, up to this point, Elam never gave a real name to anyone he met, and he was not yet of the age to have a chosen name.  It was not until he told the Guild members of his father, that he chose a name.  It turned out the Guild knew of his father as did most of the Elven members of the city.  Elam chose his name “Elamishalliarenadas Kallak Thissdarean”.  This name was based upon his given name, his father’s name and the name of his mother’s tribe.  Ishalliareandas is a Kwa-Shae song about the wisdom of the wind.
The stealthy elf...

     He’d been with the Guild for nearly 20 years, when one day the household was attacked by the Shou royals.  The Guild was all but destroyed.  After the attack, Elam left the city.  For all Guild members were now marked by the Shou, and Elam was well known by now throughout most of the imperial city.  He set out North back to the Wakatawa-Kata-Kur. After a few weeks of traveling, it was upon the plains that Elam met his friend and teacher Kiyohara Heirazumi.   The renegade warrior became as a brother to Elam, and the young elf learned much of himself during those days.  With time's passing however came the tragic death of Kiyohara, a tale unto itself... 

     Elam reached a great mountain range which took him five moons to cross.  While in the mountains, Elam came to meet other Elves and Dwarves, which spoke to him of the great lands to the west.  How greatly they differed from the lands Elam had come from.  Elam was intrigued. When he came down from the mountains, he did not travel far before he came upon a small village near the base of the mountain.  There were Elves in the village that he was roughly able to speak with, so here he stayed for a time.  And it did not take long for Elam to grasp a small amount of the native language, enough to get by.  He became friendly with the people, helping where he could.  His smithing skills came in handy on a number of occasions within the six moons he spent in the village.  But, soon he left, his mind too curious to be content with village life.  Elam would travel this land the natives called "Endhome". 

Elam moved in a westerly direction for weeks, stopping in small settlements on the way until coming to a village in a deep woods.  It was an Elven place.  While there, Elam learned many things about this strange land. The Elves told him he had wandered into Lindeloria, an ancient mystic forest-land.  When Elam told the Elves he was a mercenary and he was looking for a worthy cause to fight for, they told him of the “Aerie of Tir Thalor”.  A mighty force some called “The Great Defenders” or “The Throners of Kings”. The Elves also told Elam of the human warrior named Tir Thalor and his closest friend and companion Shea-ar the elf.  It appeared to Elam that this Shea-ar was more of a hero to the Elves than his human counterpart (partly because those relating the tale were biased).  Elam was told that Shea-ar was an Elf from a far land who referred to himself as a Kwa-Shea!  Elam soon became enraptured by the tales of the heroic pair but what intrigued him most of all was Shea-ar's origin, and how the tales mirrored his own life's wanderings.  Elam now knew his destiny.  He would become one of the "Great Defenders", and rid the world of what injustice he could.  So, Elam traveled from the Elves, thanking them for their hospitality, saying he too would soon be in the Elven stories and legends. 

     It was not long until he found the Aerie.  While approaching a village in the middle of what appeared to be a festival, Elam recognized the standard of some members of Tir Thalor.  He approached them and spoke first to what looked to be an officer, though he did not have the manner of officers Elam had dealt with in the past.  When their eyes met, a fast friendship was kindled. The officer introduced himself as Field Marshal Granarinth Alandore.  It was not long before Elam had gained acceptance by the Aerie of Tir Thalor - just a few days in fact.  It also did not take long for the officer to see that Elam possessed unique skills in several covert areas. Quickly proving his loyalty, it did not take much time for Elam to ascend to the rank of Fourth Tier Field captain.   

     Many moons later, Granarinth brought Elam and a few other hand picked men to a new land across the ocean.  By this time Elam was around 125 summers. Here he met more friends in a clan called FALO, which was introduced to Elam by Granarinth. Besides meeting FALO, Elam met a beautiful Elven woman named Willow, who he took as his mate.  After a brief journey back home over the sea, Elam and Willow returned to the FALO lands, where many new adventures would await them.  But there lie other tales...