Name:         Falastralisathanaeastra Daraekelanpernestasae
                    Raeathasaeathanaestanae Wynyinvenraenel
Race:           Elf (half high, half wood)
Age:            166 Springs
Height:        5' 8"
Weight:       135 lbs
Profession:  4th tier soldier, diplomat
Homeland:  Foristirilsartin Lisithir, the Larentides
Father:         Daraekelanpernestasae Arthossanaedelathnaeatha,
                    wood elf scout
Mother:       Lorathuneraeistisaratha Raeathanaeathanaestanae,
                    high elf, Captain of the Elven Home Guard
Weapons:    2-handed scimitar-type blade primarily but not

        The only child born to Laurissa Raesaenen and Darkelan Aosdana, Falana inherited her father's penchant for sad songs and her mother's talent for sword work. Darkelan disappeared while Falana was still a youngling, and presumed killed in battle. Laurissa mourned his loss, and hardened her already-inveterate dedication to upholding the Light. Falana joined the Home Guard when she was of age to do so, following her mother's path. There were ongoing skirmishes with the dark forces from the north, as well as uneasy relations with the human kingdoms of Westermarck. The Lyfeian Church there held no warmth in its heart for the likes of elves, or any fae, but when word came of a southward advance by the dark hordes, the Church unexpectedly retracted its previous stance. An alliance was reached between the elves and the humans to face the threat; a fragile alliance, to be sure, but their only hope.

        Falana met with her mother the night before the battle, and they spoke of many things, as they always did before a battle. This time, Laurissa told her something she had kept hidden for years, waiting for the right time to reveal it...waiting until she Knew she would die. Her words altered the course of Falana's life, setting her on a path she had never dreamed she would walk, but one she follows as well as she may. Laurissa knew one of the human commanders, the leader of the only human unit that did not forsake the elves when the Lyfeian Church unveiled their betrayal. That those knights stood fast meant the Church did not attain the complete extinction of the elves it sought, though many were lost. Laurissa died, as she Knew she would, fighting alongside the knight commander. If not for one of his knights, Falana's walk on her mother's path would have been brief, ended with her death on that field. But this knight, now known as Galatyne Knightwyng, called on his goddess, Lyfaye, to restore her, and She consented.
       After the battle, and what the Church viewed as treason, Galatyne could no longer remain within the Church's reach. When he left those lands, Falana went with him, and stood by him as he discovered his own new path. Together they found a new home and new friends. Falana is a member of the Aerie of Tir Thalor, and Ereiash'demaa to the Queen of Ravenhilt. She has also been appointed Ravenhilt's ambassador to Crystalmist.

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