granth.jpg (27170 bytes) Granarinth Alandore
Name: Granarinth Alandore, Granth
Race: Half sylvan elf, half human
Height: 5' 10 " 
Weight: 158 lbs.
256 summers
Field marshal, ranger
Homeland: Elvenlands of Lindeloria
Dwarven lands of Gnok-Tir
Continent of Endhome
Father: Human (name unknown)
Mother: Sylvan elf (name unknown)
Weapons: Various

    Granarinth was left at birth to the care of the sullen mountain dwarves and spent the first years of his life in and about their underground hold.   There he learned the Dwarven philosophies on the harshness of war and life, the beauty of somber song,  and kinship to the dark (thus, his well developed elvensight).  All he knows of his origins was gleaned from the dwarven couple who acted as guardians in his youngest days, it was they who gave him his first name, which means simply "deep earth".

    Upon early adolescence, he was entrusted to the care of a dwarven ally, the sylvan elves of Lindeloria.  This was a change Granth merely accepted as a rite of passage given his elven blood.   Granth finally felt at home as he learned the beauty, lore, and secrets of the greenwood.

    When Granth became of age at 20, he underwent the ritual of elven "becoming".  He was sent to seek the mighty tu-wauten or "path bringer."   In his presence, Granarinth learned  the kinship of trees, the perfect wisdom of nature, and the sacred lore of the elements.  Granth relished the freedom and fire of his elven blood and it drove him to accomplish all of the difficult tasks his tu-wauten gave him.

      Before returning to the vale of Lindeloria he was given the elven name "Alandore" and was bestowed the blessing of the wood.  He was the first half-blood to complete the rite as far as any elder could reckon. Welcomed warmly back to the vale, Granth continued his studies of fey song, culture, stealth, and warfare (a keen interest). He was soon becoming by human terms, an adult.  It was at this realization that the elves came to accept, much to their dismay, that Granth had a human side yet unrealized. So it was that they sent him forth to seek the world of men and it's harsh realities.

     The society Granth found was quite biased and superstitious of the other races, but Granth's lack of the pointed ears of his elven folk allowed him to move about without much trouble.  Although he enjoyed the freedoms of not being instantly recognizable, he was quick to defend his fey blood and values, becoming entangled in many a confrontation (from deadly to just plain rough). It is important to him to uphold the honor of his heritage. The human society soon found good use for his skills, mostly as ranger, warrior, and archer.

Elven Archer

    Within a year of entering man's world, Granth had joined the Aerie of Tir Thalor, a mercenary army renown as "The Great Defenders."  With Granarinth's wide popularity as a leader in the Fourth Tier, his proven battle-skill, and plain good sense for strategy, he came to the attention of the generals. They wasted little time bringing him up to the Second Tier rank of field marshal.  There he has resided for decades and wishes no more for advancement, for he rather enjoys the close camaraderie of his men, and his reputation of being inadverse to fighting alongside (or out in front of) the lowliest of infantry.

     In recent years, Granarinth came across the eastern sea with some of his most trusted men and women to the realm of F.A.L.O.,  landing on a coast known as Sandy Point.  There, he came to know a group of fey that had just recently banded together into a clan.  Granth has found growth and adventure with this fey clan and a warmth he thought not possible outside his homelands.

    Thus Granth has sworn to protect the honor and integrity of this clan, and add as much of himself as is needed for it's success; for, now this is also his home. Granth can be sullen, moody, and guarded in manner, or wistful, light, and good natured.  This mostly depends upon situation and company. Those that befriend Granarinth know that he can be difficult to warm up to, but once he is won over he is a strong, unswervingly loyal ally. Those that cross him never sleep well for long.