Merrywater the bard


Name:         Merrywater, Clefthelanestarealnerin
Race:           High Elf
Age:            600 summers?
Height:        5' 7"
Weight:       139 lbs
Occupation: Bard, 3rd tier warrior of Tir Thalor, scout, seer
Homeland:   Elvenlands of Nereaeth, continent of                     Endhome
Father:         A' naschie tu Thyreel
Mother:        N' eredrie Feanyil
Weapons:     longsword, daggers, bow, wisdom

   The elven bard merrywater is a fellow of many tales and talents. He has seen much in his many years, but still hungers for adventure and knowledge.  He has lived the life of a thief, warrior, merchant, scribe, scout, and prophet.  In the world of men he is spoken of fondly as someone to be trusted and welcomed into any number.

    Merry began life as a whelp in the great western port of Baytowne.   There he ran the streets like an urchin, stealing what he needed from fat street merchants.  He was welcomed into the thieves guild warmly and proved an excellent burglar due to his dexterity.  From these days he garnered a reputation of being elusive and fleet in both foot and word.  Eventually, this reputation became too widely known and he had to move on to another line of work.

    He wandered the ancient trade route eastward until he came to the town of Darengarde, where he met the elven bard Auerilessil Andria.  Merry became fascinated with the life of the poet musician and listened well to his advice, lessons, and stories of ancient days.  He also learned the fine art of the sword from the old elf and became skilled in the wielding of quick long blades.  He also is reputed to have learned a secret of prolonged youth, thus his appearance seems much younger than his actual age.  The two journeyed together for many years until the unfortunate death of Auerilessil.  He was slain by thieves in an ambush that Merry had forseen but could not prevent.  After burying Andria's body, he vowed to continue the old elf's traditions and ways.

    Merry then travelled westward seeking the five kingdoms and all of their opportunities.  He found much employ and was valued for his tale-telling, poetry, and his insight (some say he had visions) into the future.  As he moved from lord to lord, he bagan to feel used by them for their political ambitions.  He longed for the excitement and adventure he had felt in earlier days.  He was about to get his chance.

    The greedy southern king Mineax II was overtaxing, torturing, and subjugating his people to slavery.  After many months of hardship, Balienil, the last of the land's just barons, sought the aid of the Aerie of Tir Thalor mercenaries to depose the tyrant king.  The aerie sent the newly appointed field marshal Granarinth Alandore to seek terms from this baron.  Merry was in Balienil's court the day Granarinth came to supper and accepted the lord's terms of land grants and gold.  By feast's end, the bard and the half-elf were fast friends.  The next day Merrywater signed on to Tir Thalor, and Granth kept the elf assigned to his personal force ever since.  The bard enjoyed chronicling the marshal's exploits with song and poem, and soon Merry was known throughout the ranks as an accurate and insightful historian and entertainer.  Merry considers Granarinth's life his main subject, and considers himself the leader's personal friend, becoming defensive easily at any harsh words spoken about the half-elf.

    Merry is an excellent spy and scout due to the combination of his thieving past and warrior skills, and often is employed by Tir Thalor to infiltrate both bright court and dank dungeon.  When the field marshal was assigned to  an exploratory expedition, the bard sailed with him and a few others Granarinth had hand picked for the journey to a new continent.  There he happily adventured with the small force for a few years until he was recalled to Endhome for a covert mission in the five kingdoms.  Rumored to have gotten himself into a high position in his undercover guise, he secretly yearns to return to his friends and rejoin their adventures.