The Pennsic War.....Battle, comraderie, food and drink, the sound of
drums, pipes, and harps, a myriad of merchants, cool nights by the
firelight, the flash of dancers, the majesty of royal courts, and the revelry
of the commoners...

Crest of the S.C.A.

   Pennsic war is the largest annual event held by the Society for Creative Anachronism (S.C.A.).  It is usually held during the first two weeks of august at the Cooper's Lake Campground in Slippery Rock Pennsylvania.  The event is a private medieval recreation that allows no tourists but boasts over 12,000 attendees, all in costume and character.  There is rarely time for boredom at the war as activities range from strapping on full armor and fighting for real with rattan weapons to taking classes on countless themes of medieval miscellany.  There are over 100 merchants at the war offering everything from ceramics to weapons, clothing, armor, leather and hides, jewelry from around the world, archery equipment, musical instruments and more.  Most of these things are of far superior quality and price than one may find at any typical Medieval or Renaissance fair.  There are numerous inns to eat at for nominal cost, as well as awesome amounts of fine meads and ales offered for free by brewers and hospitable camps. The night is filled with rousing revelry which often lasts until morn the next day.  
    Pennsic is populated by well over 200 camps which range in theme from royal to mercenary, performer to general household. The war is fought yearly between the East Kingdom and the Midrealm in a place called The Debatable Lands.

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The Midrealm Heraldry

   It is in this land that the kingdoms compete on the field of battle, the archery ranges, and in the graces of noble life (which are known as arts and sciences).  If one wishes, he might also wish to take his ease by viewing the many free performances that can be found; juggling and foolery, dancing (European and middle eastern), ancient and commoner music, and more.  There are blacksmiths, weavers, woodworkers, leathersmiths, bowyer/fletchers, jewelers, seamstresses, and brewers whose craft may be seen at work at the war.

    The Aerie of Tir Thalor of Endhome has sent their field marshal Granarinth Alandore with a small contingent of hand-picked men to this war to secure information and possible opportunities/alliances.  The Aerie has attended as a group since Pennsic XXV, and Granarinth himself began scouting the war at Pennsic XVIII, finding much enjoyment and employment along the way...Now, Tir Thalor's camp is a haven for it's guests, who enjoy the security and atmosphere it offers, and the steadfastness of it's standards.   Within those walls are Heavy fighters, archers and scouts, musicians, craftsman, brewers, and dancers.  The hospitality of the camp is not soon forgotten by any who enter under the code of friendship, or the flag of truce.  To see a bit of The camp and its denizens, visit the picture pages below.  Also available below as reference are the camp rules and a letter sent to our invitees. These may also give insight into the Pennsic experience.