Pennsic war XXX


            Greetings everyone. This yearly letter includes vital information that you will need to know about Pennsic and our encampment.  For those who are new to this, the Pennsic War is the largest event of an international medieval recreation group called Society for Creative Anachronism (S.C.A.).   We have been their guests as an encampment for six years and at least one of us has attended as early as Pennsic 18.  This year looks to be our biggest and best showing.

            There is a need to post guards in our camp (as one may expect at a war.) It is usual for almost everyone to serve once. The guard duty list will be posted when you arrive and if you want to make any changes, both parties must come before the field marshal for notification before dusk the day of the change.  Guard duties will begin August 4th in our camp; those present will be expected to serve if necessary.  Normally, two people must be on guard duty every night. They must remain awake, be present in the camp, and be sober enough to defend the integrity of our walls until one third of the camp returns or they are relieved.  For those who are not aware, pennsic is a place crawling with thieves and other dishonorables (for real); we have never been and will not be an easy target for these fools…

            Due to the enormous glut of new people (and camps) at the war this year, we sadly have no chance of reclaiming our usual land.  After some hardcore correspondence, we have decided to move off of our current assignment, which was down by Orluk Oasis (overbooked by roughly 11,000 sq feet).   For those of you familiar with the layout of the war, we may have found land available of sufficient size on the far side of the lake near Trimaris Royal.  Negotiations continue at this writing.

We will need to be especially conscious of how big our tents are. There is supposed to be 250 sq ft of land per person, but the nature of this war and the lay of our new land will almost certainly ruin that idea.  Those with medieval tents are allotted slightly more room because they are usually much bigger historically and add to the environment of the encampment.  Know that every effort will be made to accommodate all our guests, but be aware that land is very limited at pennsic XXX and finding room for an enormous tent may go roughly for those involved. We will devote the most visible section of our camp to period shelter and tent formation, and this will be our common area.

Call Granarinth or email immediately  with your tent’s footprint measurement and the number of people sleeping in it!

It is important to keep in mind that the environment and stability of our encampment is what makes having one enjoyable. All those within our walls must assume character and appearance of the European pre- renaissance period (before 1550A.D.) or plausible fantasy/mythology that represent those ages.  Sunglasses, sneakers, plastic of any kind, etc. will not be tolerated if seen.  Know as well that when outside our walls, you bear our mark and represent our number.  Remaining in character for so long can tax even the most determined of us, but make the effort and if you fail at least keep it quiet so as not to ruin everyone else’s illusion. There are many cheesy camps at pennsic, but The Aerie of Tir Thalor will never be one of them. 

One important note, keep in mind that pennsic is a human war encampment.  Fae creatures are not familiar or welcome into the human world (just like real life!) and therefore those among us must be wise and remain unseen and unobtrusive.  Wings, pointed ears, horns, and the like will mark one as different and therefore scorned or hated by the superstitious (many in the S.C.A.).  This will dishonor the integrity of our camp, therefore coverings, glamour magic and the like must be used when moving about in areas visible by others…

            Again as always, whatever extra supplies you can bring for the camp would be appreciated.  We will supply drinking water when possible but be prepared to buy or bring your own water.  Water is available at the onsite store as well as general supplies.  Our camp does not supply food but cooking over our fire is encouraged or one may secure 2 prepared meals a day for around ten Baraks (pennsic for dollar) at the various inns.

                        The official opening of our camp will occur Sunday, August 12th after dusk.  At this time we shall drink mead, honor our encampment rules, pass the cup (of mead), drink mead, dedicate mead, become as friends of war, and not run out of mead.  All persons should at this time be prepared to make good cheer, speak a few words on their own behalf and drink mead.  By this time, everyone should already be familiar with the laws of our encampment. 

At dusk on Wednesday the 15th   all members of The Aerie of Tir Thalor are ordered to report in arms and formation for our annual war meeting. This will be followed by our short procession through the night market.   All guests are invited to attend both events. We will also have an open camp on a night to be determined at which anyone bearing no malice may attend.

Remember to bring your photo I.D. with birthdate on it (driver license or passport etc; I.D. must have both on it or you will be turned away) and the balance of your entrance fee. If you arrive Aug. 3rd –9th  it will be $40, or from 10th – 17th ,  $20.  NO CHECKS. Your camp fee of $30 is due to the field marshal upon arrival to our site if not prepaid as well (cash or check).



                                                       -GRANARINTH ALANDORE, FIELD MARSHAL, AERIE OF TIR THALOR


Directions to war…


It is held at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, western Pennsylvania (almost Ohio).

Take your quickest route west through PA. (Usually Rt. 80 if coming from the North) to

Rt. I-79 south, take it for a few miles then

Exit 99 turn left onto US Rt. 422 West

Travel less than 3/10 of a mile on 422 then

Turn right on Currie Rd. (A small country road, winds a few times

Follow approx. 1 mile

Once you see the pennsic tents right off the right side of this road. The gate (called the troll booth) will be straight ahead but you may have to wait in line in your vehicle.

Attendees are allowed to drive to our campsite entrance to unload, but then must immediately move their vehicle to the parking area for the duration of their stay. (About to 1 full mile away so don’t forget anything) The troll booth can tell you where we are camped, or correspond by phone or Email before war to find out sooner.