Name:            Sadosed Padreag Macdougail
   Age:               28 winters
   Race:             Human
   Height:         5' 9"
   Weight:        170 lbs
   Profession:  5th tier soldier, aide to Granarinth, armorer
   Homeland:  Northern Endhome
   Father:          Duncan Macdougail
   Mother:        Sadosed Heather Macdougail
   Weapons:    Warhammer, shortsword, falchion, hand  and  a half sword, spears, knives, axes, crossbow; anything he can get his hands on.

    Sadosed’s Clan came from far the northern mountains to settle about 200 years ago. When they arrived they were not prepared for the creatures that dwelled in the forest. For they were attacked by giants. As the celts fell in battle and it was seemed grim when a strange man came out of the forest and rallied the men and slew the giants. The chieftain was killed and so was his son. The man was wounded, also knocked unconscious by a retreating giant. A new Chieftain was named and the old chieftain’s daughter, a young woman by the name of Laurana, took care of the man. Soon the MacDougail’s knew that this man was not a man at all but a fae creature, an elf. For a week he did not wake up, and the woman never left his side. Then one night he rose and addressed the village. He thanked them for helping him and that they should not forget what has happened here, the elf also stated that he would make sure of it. Leaving his armor and sword behind, the elf left, going back into the woods that he came from

    Laurana had a child and it had the same green eyes of the elf so the people took it as a sign. The child was named after the elven warrior and was handed down his sword and armor. It was that child’s duty to carry on the "Spirit of the Sylvan One". A living representation honoring the one who saved them. Every child born after that one had one offspring which bore the eyes of Sadosed and a ring was made and given to each of them. The MacDougail’s prospered and grew for many generations.

    Only when twins were born that both bore green eyes did the Clan find unrest and confusion. A girl was born then shortly after, a male child. The elders and Chieftain decided that the girl being born first was to continue the line. The girl was Sadosed Heather MacDougail, mother of Sadosed Padreag MacDougail.

    Growing up was hard for the boy. Even though he wielded no real power he was treated like royalty. He was trained in the arts of war, philosophy, and most importantly the MacDougail history. The worst part was his uncle, Kinston. His uncle hated his sister for being the Spirit of the Sylvan one, he believe it was his right not hers. Now that this boy was born he took out his anger and hatred on this child. There were also others in the clan who felt as he did and on many occasions voiced their beliefs. This caused much unrest in the Clan.

    Being a child, and with a child’s logic Sadosed Padreag left one night. Not understanding why some of his clan hated him and cursing the gift that was bestowed on him. He took his birthright and left, feeling that if he was gone the hate would go with him.

    Very soon after he left the clan Sadosed Padreag meet up with a old man and a boy about the same age as he. The old man was wise and it was said that he was once a great warrior, a lord perhaps, who now only desires peace. For many years he stayed with the old man and the boy named Bethuel. Sadosed thought that he found peace. Then one night as with is clan, Sadosed Padreag left them, feeling that he must find himself

Granarinth's right hand

    It was then he join the Aerie of Tir Thalor and through many years of hard work and loyalty he moved up into the ranks and is now an aide to a field marshal by the name of Granarinth. His life has changed since traveling to the lands of FALO. He has assisted many in his short time here, and played many roles. From trainer, slave, guard, and warrior to Clanbrother he would gladly sacrifice himself for those he cares about. Which sometimes causes him to throw ‘care into the wind’ when something or someone threatens his friends and allies. His personality shifts like the weather, for Sadosed adapts for each situation, he can be found singing with the bards, drink in hand, playing sparkles with the fae or brooding while training. One can just as easily get a warm smile from him or a scowled "BAH!".

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