The Cleric


  Name:           Stalzer
  Race:            Human
  Age:              33
  Height:         6'1"
  Weight:        168 lbs.
  Profession:  Cleric, advisor / counselor
  Homeland:  Temple SanctuSorem
                         Continent of Endhome
  Father:          Stalzer
  Mother:        Lithinia
  Weapons:    Mace, Aros' Hammer of Light,
                         3 headed flail

Stalzer is the devoted cleric of Tefnut, goddess of storms and running waters.  He is willing to go great distances to aid others, even at his own peril.  Though he is generally kind and reserved in nature, his past is bloody and adventurous...
         As a young boy, Stalzer grew up in a small hunting village, a weeks journey southeast of bustling Baytowne.  There he aided  the hunting parties of his elders even at a young age.  So desperate was he to join their ranks on the hunt that he became proficient at archery by the tender age of eleven winters.   So proud was his father of his spirit and skills that he endeavored to teach the lad the ways of combat.  The two developed a strong bond, and experienced many small adventures such as few young boys may. 

        It was at this age that Stalzer underwent a great turmoil that changed his life forever.  On a brisk autumn night, a band of chaotic warriors stormed the small village.  Under the banner of a bloody axe, a banished elder of the village had returned to renew his false claim of regional overlord.   The night of death ended with an axe buried in his fathers head, the slayer's blood on the young boy's hands, and a flight into the forest.  The boy wandered the rough woodland with his mother Lithinia for almost a year, avoiding the relentless pursuit of the fierce raiders.  Turned away from many villages out of fear, they proceeded to the north country, toward the forest of Talenwood.

         It was just east of the mighty forest that the pair happened upon the River of Light, a crystal path that led them to the temple-hold of Sanctusorem.  There they were taken in by Meregar, high cleric of the goddess.  Soon after, the horde of chaos arrived at the temple's mighty gates, demanding the lives of mother and child.  At that moment, Lithinia and a servant boy burst away from the temple in flight southward.  The entire enraged mass of raiders pursued and neither the hunters nor the hunted were ever seen again.

         Under the wing of his surrogate father, Stalzer was exposed to a different way of life.  After many months living among the his holy hosts, the boy was faced with an important decision; leave their number to become the warrior that could exact vengeance, or shed his anger and follow the path of wisdom. For him the choice was difficult, but the enlightenment he had experienced during his short time at the temple guided his decision.  During his adolescence, the acolyte became learned in the wielding of Tefnut's will through both magic and those weapons deemed noble enough by his caste.

      When Stalzer reached twenty years of age, Meregar saw the man inside the boy pushing to live his life, and bade him go out into the world without fear to spread the word of Tefnut.  After many harrowing adventures and escapes, the cleric found himself captured by the Talen wood elves.  Brought forward as a tresspasser, and prepared for the worst, he was pardoned when another visitor spoke for him.  This other saw past the elvish distrust of strangers and into the cleric's true character.  He guaranteed the human's conduct at his own peril, and accompanied Stalzer out of elven lands.  The half-elf was a mercenary field marshal of Tir-Thalor named Granarinth Alandore.  The two became fast friends and constant companions, and Stalzer the cleric joined "The Great Defenders"  as a spiritual aide and advisor who would also swing a mace if the cause was just. 

Power of the goddess

     When Granarinth was sent from Endhome on an exploration\ reconaissance mission, Stalzer was among  the few hand-picked men he decided to bring to the far away land.    It was on this new continent that the Cleric befriended the group of F.A.L.O. and has often represented Tir Thalor at the clan's events.  There he is well known as healer and counselor, purveyor of wisdom, and voice of light.