Jorim of Avalon

Jorim of Avalon


Name:              Jorim Morgen of Avalon
Race:                Human
Age:                 27
Height:            5' 10"
Weight            230 lbs.
Occupation:  Monk
Homeland:     Radagast
Father:            Tarian Avalon
Mother:           Vo' ana Steelblood
Weapons:       Greatsword, Polearms





   Jorim Avalon was born in the Kingdom of Radagast in Southeastern Endhome, where his father Tarian remains Lord Ranger of the northern frontier.  His mother Vo'ana serves as a cavalier general of the Northern Cavalry.  Jorim was born during the Festival of Ynohta, under the sign of willpower, which gives him internal focus.
    During the years of Jorim's upbringing in the forests of Radagast, he was trained by his parents in the art of warfare.  Their focus was to prepare him for the dark day when he too would face the threat of Radagast's main enemy, Lord Zecaress.   That day came sooner than they expected.  On Jorim's thirteenth birth celebration, the keep at which the Avalons resided was savagely attacked by Zecaress.   with the defeat of the keep, Jorim's family fled East along the border lands and retreated in secret to the island home of their distant relative Randar Blackmoore.   There the Avalons related the news that their keep had been destroyed and that Zecaress relentlessly pursued the loyal family with murder in his eye.  Randar (who had a son named Kelth of like age) conspired with Jorim's parents to secure their children to safe havens until they could deal with the threat before them.  It was at this time that Jorim met the young elf Elam, who had stopped at Randars' abode on his way north in his quest to find his father. 
    Elam told them of a place in his lands that was so distant and obscure that Jorim would certainly be safe there.  He implied as well that this place, a monastery known as Chuang Yen,  would be well suited for the young lad's guidance should anything ill happen to Tarian and Vo'ana.  The elf set to casting a magical portal to the monastery, where they would meet up with Elam's old friend Sulow, who later agreed to take Jorim on as a pupil.  Meanwhile, Kelth was whisked away to the sea where he would be secreted among the loyal crews of Radagast's fleet. 
    At Chuang Yen, Jorim trained in the ways of mental conditioning and martial skill.  Sulow taught him how to channel his inner power to grant himself uncanny mindfulness and focus.  He lived at this retreat and studied there for many years as war raged on in his homeland with no word from his family. 

   One fateful day, Sulow came before Jorim with what he would soon learn was his final test.

    "Grab this stone from my hand" he said as he held forth a small, shiny object.

  Jorims' many years of training now second nature to him, he easily snatched the stone from his master before the monk could close his hand.  When Jorim gazed on his prize however, he found it was no stone at all, but a medallion of strange design.   Sulow told him that it was a gift from Elam, granted on the day that he should return to his homeland.  The object would open for him the magical doorway to make the journey.  He wasted little time using the item to return to Blackmoore Island, and exact spot he had left from those many years ago.  Here he was met by Kelthos the mighty cloud dragon, who was friend and ally to Randar and named Godfather to Kelth his son.  The monk climbed atop the old dragon's back and was carried over the sea to the deck of the Shandelar, which was the ship to which Kelth was assigned.  Now an accomplished seafarer, he welcomed his childhood friend.

Piercing the flame

      Returning to the mainland of Endhome, he soon discovered that Lord Zecaress had been pushed northward into the mountains of Agracor where his parents pursued him as a personal quest.   His home had never been rebuilt, and Radagasts forces were scattered about in their search.  With little left of his homeland but dark memories, Jorim decided with Kelth to seek out the elf Elam who had aided them both in years past.  Their search was aided months later when they learned that the elf had fallen in with the ranks of The Aerie Of Tir Thalor mercenaries and had left the continent. Kelth received a message from Elam with the seal of Tir Thalor upon it.  It bore a chart to a new western land and a map of his location.  The pair ventured far across the ocean and sought out the elf, following his map.
    The two located the battlefield where the mercenary army was negotiating terms and soon were stopped by a brusquely mannered guard named Sadosed Macdougail who drew his sword and demanded to know their identities and business.   Kelth produced the missive from Elam and was allowed to enter alone the camp and field of the mercenaries.  Due to the vast amount of soldiers present and the furious fighting, it took Kelth three days to find Elam and bring him back to the gate to vouch for Jorim so that he could enter.  Elam immediately brought Jorim to the tent of Field Marshal Granarinth Alandore, seeking permission for Jorim to camp with Tir Thalor.   He was granted this honor and soon proved himself a useful fellow and good company.   He and Kelth continued to journey with Elam and the mercenaries and Jorim was eventually inducted into the Aerie as his good friend Elam stood proudly by his side.   He serves "The Great Defenders" well as a foot soldier and guardsman, and enjoys well the company and camaraderie he has found there.