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Welcome to the Morrowind page here at!
From here you may download mods authored by the staff at Endhome Productions for this exceptional game .
In addition, we also link to and host quality mods which have been playtested and/or modified by the staff.
No mods here will contain any cheesy unbalancing objects/gameplay but strive to preserve the spirit of the game.
All of our mods have been cleaned with TESAME.


(ALL NEW! RELEASED 12/16/04) Places a new faction with a widespread presence all over Vvardenfell. There are mercenaries you can hire long-term (if you're worthy) who may be commanded with  new options. Lots of other new stuff here; weapons, armor, scripts, creatures, books, faces, stronghold, detailed Npc's, more...NEW VERSION ADDS FOUR NEW QUESTS TO THE GAME, NEW GRAPHICS, AND IMPROVES COMPATIBILITY WITH MODS IN BALMORA.
Regular non-HiRes textures version here (11.4 Mb) (if you already installed Qarl's "visual pack XT2" or don't need Hi-Res textures on walls and furniture objects.)
Otherwise full HiRes version here (33.5 Mb)
Screenshots (version 3.0)
Tir Thalor Quest "TIR THALOR QUEST" Mod. 1.2 (requires AERIE OF TIR THALOR version 3.0, BLOODMOON, TRIBUNAL.
A high ranking officer from the mainland is visiting the mercenary hold just south of Balmora. Little did he know what he would learn has happened to some of his men... Places a detailed new quest in the game for those characters who have completed the main Morrowind quest (this quest is for 30+ lev) New faces, scripts, land, dungeons, etc. Keep your comrade alive for a special ending! (Download 5.18 Mb) (Screenshots would spoil the fun, heh heh...)
Tribunal Balance "TRIBUNAL BALANCE/FIX" Mod.   (Tribunal required) This mod makes the expansion actually a challenge for a character who completed the normal game with monster placement/fixes etc.. It also repairs several errors in the game, and changes all references of "robots" (isn't this medieval fantasy???) to "golems." (Download  38Kb )
A Call to Issilar "A CALL TO ISSILAR" Mod.   UPDATED 10/2004 version 1.1 Complete the game? not finding many challenges these days? This mod is for characters who finished the main quest and want to explore an entire new beautifully detailed volcanic island, new village, culture, etc. Journey to another plane, battle new, terrifying monsters, and embark on a long quest to aid the argonians of Menya. Tons of custom graphics including sounds, weapons and armor, creatures, and scripted NPC's/quests. (Download full 7.8M   Screenshots)
If you already have it installed, here's the latest .esp (1.6M) file only. Current version 1.1 Oct '04)
Whispering Wood "INN OF THE WHISPERING WOOD" Mod. 1.4 posted 9/5/04 (now INCLUDES the previously required "Cloak Collection.esp" and fixes the ice troll model/Gyldenhul barrow door bug) Creates an entirely new landmass which extends the size of Solstheim by 20%! Brings lots of new quests with a detailed inn full of new features. Climb a mountain, pay the bard to play some tunes, drink some elderberry wine...Quests are for levels 30+ but all can enjoy the new features.
REQUIRES: Bloodmoon, all "Rhedds heads" mods (link on this page.)
(Download FULL 14.9Mb  Screenshots)
Download the esp file only (to upgrade to ver. 1.4 if you already have this mod installed.)
Download version 1.4 ESP file only 2.7Mb
The Great Forests "FORESTS OF VVARDENFELL" Mod 1.0  Combines four new tree model / woods placement mods by Dracus, Jdooby, Lady E, Ndib with Ayse's new textures for them and fixes some clipping issues. Also adds a few new things here and there that were not in any of the original mods (check out the road from Seyda Neen to Vivec) Do you need a fast machine to experience this smoothly? Yup. This mod is complete and ready to go, but big...(Download 24Mb Screenshots)
"NoGlo" Mod (unknown author) Simple mod lets you see the graphics of magic items instead a that bright, overwhelming glowing effect. (must have for any cloak mod) (Download   9Kb)
Readable signs "Realsignposts" Mod by Matthias Kath. This changes graphics on signs so they are in a nice "Morrowind" font, but in the English language so you don't have to go right up to them to read them.  (Download   236Kb)
"Pretty faces 02" Mod by casharelle@yahoo .com Plugs in some nicer faces than those shipped with the game. (Download   142Kb)
"Passive Healthy Wildlife" Mod by Puma Man. Stops every little animal from attacking you on sight. In other words, adds realism. Diseased critters still attack tho... (Download   5Kb)
"Wilderness Sounds" Mod by Puma Man. Places realistic nature sounds throughout Vvardenfell. Very atmospheric. MUST HAVE (Download 16M)
NICE! "Rhedds Heads" adds truly amazing faces to the game for both players and modders alike. Yes, they really do look as good as the picture at left. Go to his site at and download whichever you like (We HEARTILY recommend every single one.) Or, simply install above "Aerie of Tir Thalor" mod (all heads up till 12/04 are in there.) Hey Bethesda! Hire this team!
Cloak Mod "Cloak Collection" Mod by Mykul puts fairly realistic looking cloaks, hooded robes, etc into the game, including some magic ones.  Don't be surprised if you see ordinators wearing them. Except for some small clipping issues, well done. Really needs NoGlo mod (above) (Download  1.9M) This mod is INCLUDED in the above "Inn of the Whispering Wood."
Balmorahouse "Balmora House" A very old mod by Gavin Carter that's gone through changes. This one was out before the glut of housing mods came about. Places a small house in Balmora that serves as home to your character. Nothing big, but it's not free either, not entirely...Now Updated by the Endhome staff! (Posted 2/04) Lot's of extras (find the secret). Fully compatible with earlier editions.
REQUIRES: Bloodmoon expansion, "Skeletal Mannequins" (found below
(Download   2.0M)
"Adventurers" This mod is a MUST HAVE to balance general gameplay in a wide range of aspects.  The only complaint most of us had with the game is that it was way too easy. This mod balances that to make the game far more rewarding and realistic as a whole. Further polished by the staff.   (Download    176Kb)
"Better Bodies 2.1" ESM Mod file by Psychodog Studios. This is the best realistic natural skin mod we've seen yet. No more "Barbie Doll" segmented polygon bodies, no cheesiness.  These look like all one form, and smooth to boot. Very well done. Replaces all humaniod race bodies ( female AND male ) with anatomically correct ones (devoid of silly bikinis so be aware it contains n*dity) This EXE file is clean (no worries mate). Disable any other natural skin mods before using. (Download 2808Kb) UPDATED to 2.1!
"Trade Route" Mod by Johnny B. This useful mod places a guar-driven cart at the fort in Pelagiad (that's PEL-AAH-JEE-AAD) that will take you to any of the three main-quest ashlander villages and between those four points.    (Download    165Kb)
"Nighttime Doorlocks 1.1" Mod by LDones. Remember how in Daggerfall shops closed at night? Makes sense right? Well this mod brings realism back to that part of the game. Also slightly improves picking, traps, other stealth issues. Should have been part of the original game. (Download   28Kb)
Armor Stands! "Skeletal Mannequins" Mod by Grumblepunk. This one lets you buy clothes and armor stands that really work! Now THAT'S decor! They work well but will not show weapons, and DON'T pick em up with stuff on em! (See the readme) Merchant is in Pelagiad.   (Download   896Kb)
"Dread Knights 1.4" Update of a nice mod by Narkybark from awhile back (2002). This one brings a new faction and several new hardcore imperial soldiers to Vvardenfell (See what they have to say to start the adventure.)  Cool new armors and quests will keep you occupied for awhile. This mod has been revised by the Endhome staff to present a challenge to higher level characters and fix some small issues.  (Download 2.3M)


"Plugin Re-Orderer" No more having to load up mods in the construction set to put them lower on your data files loadup list! This little gem will quickly re-order your .esp files however you want them to load/appear on your list. Remember, the lower an esp is on the data files list, the  more precedence it has in your game. ( This works great for making sure your "Safix.esp" mod is BELOW your "Tir Thalor.esp" mod for example. ) Requires Java. (Download 84Kb)
"TESAME" (The Elder Scrolls Advanced Mod Editor) This is a useful tool for REMOVING stuff from a mod (or a save game) Fairly easy to use.
(Download 1.2Mb)


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