5/12/09                 After a long dormancy, ENDHOME.COM has a new server and is being set up currently. We will be updating the site soon with new navigation and content.

3/30/04                 Posted two new MORROWIND mods, one sweet new TIR THALOR QUEST by our staff and another mod that is a way better natural skin mod than the one we've been using. Mint. ALSO I added a nice utility for the game which will put your mods in any order you want so you don't have to keep loading up the construction set to do it. Check em all out. Yes, I'm still working on the Pennsic picture pages...

2/26/04                 Updated the Morrowind Mods page with updates to "Tir Thalor" and "Safix" mods, and a big expansion to "Balmorahouse."

2/6/04                 "Inn of the Whispering Wood" Morrowind Mod has been posted. Mint. Mint. Mint. Screenshots too. Pennsic war pictures will be posted soon.

5/15/03                 "A Call to Issilar" Morrowind mod has been posted (finally) on the below link. 'Bout time dammit. Damn it's mint.

4/13/03                 Official MORROWIND page http://www.endhome.com/Morrowind/Morrowind title.htm now up due to increasing demand for STUFF. Lot's of Morrowind Mintness to download now...

1/6/03                 Tir Thalor MORROWIND mod is downloadable here http://www.endhome.com/Morrowind/Morrowind title.htm (screenshots too!)

11/27/02             The Aerie of Tir Thalor is now in the fantasy role playing game Morrowind...Screenshots page is up and link to download the mod will be active by December.   Pennsic War XXXI photo pages are active. Nothing added to "Pennsic Sights" section though...

11/20/02             Minor updates. IT's SNOW....THINK SNOW!!! Also pennsic picture pages update finally started. FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL by weekend...

9/12/02             Endhome.com once again salutes the heroes and victims of the attack on America of 9/11/2002. One year and a day have passed, and I have removed the dedication on the main page, but I will continue to support our armed forces and indeed our spirit of FREEDOM.

3/29/02             The Pennsic XXXI Updates Page has been set up.  Will be updated as needed (will not be announced here.)

3/22/02             The Pennsic SIGHTS picture pages are up.

3/20/02             The BATTLES picture pages are up. Enjoy and don't forget to look for the arrows at the bottom of the large scale shots to see where the heck Tir Thalor is!

3/15/02             Homepage now has a "links" link and I added a few new ones as well (mostly silly ones.)

2/19/02             Two of the Pennsic picture pages are up, THE CAMPS and THE PEOPLE. Both will be added to later on.   Before I forget; THANK YOU MeAgenn for your trial-and-error aid!

2/05/02             Made the site 800x600 resolution-friendly again (it slips from time to time) but IT'S MUCH BETTER TO VIEW THIS SITE AT 1024 x 768 RESOLUTION! It's becoming the standard anyway as both terminals and connection speeds increase in speed.  (To change resolution in windows, right click on your bare desktop and select "properties" then the "settings" tab at the top.)

1/09/02            Finally put up the EXPLAINING THE CREST page on the Tir Thalor site. WOOO-HOOOO NICE.  I'm working on a flash effect for them (coming soon?)  Also, it being winter and all, I added SNOW to the CONTINENT page(but you should already know that by now...)

1/05/02            Touch-up's carried out here and there (thanks for the advice Captain De Cordelia). Further work done on Pennsic   XXX picure pages (up soon).

10/23/01         Jorim's page posted with story, stats, and pictures complete.  Also created medallion background from actual Tir Thalor amulet piece.  It has been used on Jorims as well as a few other character pages. (ultimately I wish to have different ones for each member of Tir Thalor.)

10/20/01         Jorim did not fail me.  His character page will be posted this week including never seen before pictures of the mysterious monk of Tir Thalor.

10/19/01        Araneks' second article posted, also meadhome page revised slightly.

10/16/01        Aranek requested comical testimonial page for meadhome section.  Page posted today as per his instructions.

10/15/01        Thanks to all who contributed error feedback.  3 Errors on character pages fixed.

9/17/01         Photopages in progress, Aranek's page updated (finally got his content).  Jorim will soon be strung up if he fails me.

9/12/01         I will place a dedication on the home page to the heroes and victims of the attack on America.  Damn, that really PISSES ME OFF...  Nobody F* s with our SH** and lives to brag about it. (PARDON MY F* ing FRENCH.)

9/10/01         Preliminary upload complete.  Many files to follow soon after coding problems and feedback.  Also Kittarina's dance oasis page uploaded (so there's actually SOME content...How about it Kit?) Now that's PROGRESS!

9/07/01         Uploading site today for testing purposes, photopages not ready due to visual glitches.  EVERYBODY LOOK FOR ERRORS AND TELL ME ABOUT THEM PLEASE (this includes low-res fonts anywhere.)

9/05/01         Site not up yet, fixed font problems for some browsers, updated picture pages.  Pennsic war art in place.

8/30/01        Music changed on Endhome.com title page to more sedate MIDI. This "what's new" page implemented. New member of Tir Thalor Jorem's page begun (stats only) and Pennsic page banner created. Pennsic war page forthcoming.  This page will be informational and a sort of scrap-book of photographic chronology.

8/28/01      Site updates begin for The Continent. Upload expected before September...

8/20/01     Granarinth and company return from Pennsic war with war winnings and the usual appreciation of fineMEADS! AAAAh-  the Viking wine of inspiration...  We settled on one of the new sites (B2 for the veterans)and had our front gates opposite the archery range entrance.  Feedback about the site was overwhelmingly good and all of our legs became stronger for the climbin' of mount Eislin to reach our site.

8/4-8/18/01         Tir Thalor camp at the Pennsic War XXX. Yes our land situation looks to be fairly complex once again, but with some perseverance we'll stake our claim well enough.  Our usual site, E15 (Howard's Fenway) seems to spurn us once again... Hmmmmm...  New updates after the war.